A sexist double standard

Donald Trump has admitted to having affairs.

Hillary Clinton’s husband had an affair.

But somehow, instead of going to either Donald Trump or Bill Clinton for comment on their own actions, the media is now focusing on Hillary Clinton.

I’ve just watched CNN spend half an hour talking about how Hillary Clinton should respond to Donald Trump’s latest attack, an attack based on the actions of Bill Clinton. Trump’s hypocrisy aside, the coverage has been deeply troubling, and is another example of the sexist double standards that still exist in our society, double standards that Trump is now exploiting for political gain.

Bill Clinton and Donald Trump must answer for their past actions, not Hillary Clinton. It’s time for the media to realize this and put an end to sexist double standards.

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Photo credit: Atlantic Council (Flickr) https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/

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The treatment of the Clinton’s during the years of prosperity on all fronts of the Clinton Administration, with the never ending investigations, the likes of we have never seen before, costing taxpayers millions with no results, and ending with an infidelity charge persued by leaders of the republican party guilty of the same indiscretions soon made me take a good look at where my priorities should be and have since changed over to the Democrat party and have never looked back….each year, every election since, this one in particular sustains my decision to stay with this party and support the… Read more »