The Millennial Manifesto – Introduction

Something is wrong in our world. Many of us can feel it. You can feel it. The gap between what we were promised, and what we got is too big to hide any longer.

The Millennial Generation (those between 18-35) is the most educated, the most tech-savvy, and the most inclusive generation in human history. Yet, we are facing the real possibility of being worse off than our parents.

We are faced with rising income inequality, massive personal debt, an environment in crisis, and a system built for a world that no longer exists. Job security is out of reach for too many. Amazingly intelligent people are stuck in jobs that waste their potential. Stress is becoming unbearable. Personal despair is all too common.

Though we are the largest generation, our potential is being stifled due to outdated ways of thinking that put our entire future at risk. Our views, our perspectives, and our unique ways of thinking – so desperately needed now – are not reflected in the systems that govern our world.

The trends are disturbing. If things continue as they are, our world will become more unsafe, more unequal, and more unlivable. That’s the way things are heading.

But that dark future is not inevitable. The strengths of the Millennial Generation – our flexibility, our openness, our connectedness, our desire for social justice – are exactly what is needed to bring our world back from the brink. If given the chance, we will reshape our economy, protect our environment, and reform our broken political systems.

It is time for the Millennial Generation to step to the forefront. Here in the Millennial Manifesto are ideas to help make that happen.


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