In The Wake of Orlando, The World Must Stand For Freedom And Stand With The LGBT Community

The horrific act of terror and hate at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando is a sickening reminder of the vile hatred that still exists in our world.

According to the media, the killer pledged his allegiance to ISIS, who have – among their other horrendous crimes – thrown LGBT people off rooftops in areas under ISIS control.

On normal days, it is tempting to believe that our society has overcome hatred and violence, but sadly that is not true of some who are in the country. There are still ideologies based on hate, and there are still sick, misguided people motivated by those ideologies.

That is why we all must come together and stand with the LGBT community. The violent actions and words of hateful people must be drowned out by the love and kindness of good, decent people around the world.

We will not rid our world of violence and ignorance unless we speak out in favor of acceptance and love. The power of good is stronger than the power of hate, but only when we speak up for the good.

Also, we must confront the fact that the ideology of radical Islam is opposed to every freedom we have in our country. It must be confronted, opposed, and defeated. Goodness must be based on acceptance and freedom, but also toughness, strength, and a willingness to confront the truth.

At this moment, over 1,500 people are standing in line in Orlando to donate blood. Countless expressions of kindness are being shared on social media. Even in dark times, we can find hope.

In the wake of tragedy, we need to speak out even more loudly in favor of building a world where all people are free and able to live as who they are, and we must confront and defeat violent ideologies that would seek to take away our freedoms.

Spencer Fernando