A Vigil for Orlando

Solidarity and resolve amid sadness

Tonight, I had the opportunity to join a beautiful crowd at a vigil for those killed in Orlando. The size and energy of the crowd was a testament to our collective resolve not to let hate and fear win.

Sadness and fear can make us feel alone, separated from others. That’s why vigils are so important. When we come together and share a space, we can see the pain in the eyes of one another and understand that pain is also our own. We realize we are not alone, and that despite the horrible actions of some sick individuals, we are blessed to share this earth with so many loving, kind, and decent human beings.

A vigil can’t bring back those who were lost in Orlando. But it can remind us that the power of good will overcome the power of hate. And it can remind us that even in dark times, we are not alone.

There is always hope.


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