“We can’t take it anymore.” Venezuela Falls Further Into Chaos

Venezuela is collapsing before our eyes. A nation rich in oil reserves is descending into chaos and draws closer to complete collapse with every passing moment.

Food is running out. Riots are rampant. President Nicholas Maduro holds on to power like a dictator, fighting to block a referendum on his leadership that he will certainly lose.

How we got here is irrelevant for the moment. What matters is that people are suffering, and it could get even worse. Over 400 people were arrested in recent riots, 20 businesses were looted, and 2 people were shot dead.

“We can’t take it anymore. Our children ask for food and all we can get are mangoes. Until when?” said Milagros Perez of Puerto La Cruz, quoted in  El Tiempo newspaper,” and reported by the LA Times.

The world is growing increasingly concerned about the potential fallout of the Venezuela catastrophe. According to the LA Times, “U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry said Tuesday that his representatives would soon hold talks with Venezuelan officials in a bid to improve frayed bilateral relations. Maduro says his country is the victim of a U.S.-promoted economic war.  The U.S. says the increased chaos in Venezuela poses a security threat to the region.”

Hyperinflation is completely out of control. The money Venezuelan’s count on is now increasingly worthless. This absolutely insane chart from the Money Project puts it into detail:

venezuela hyperinflation


If they have even a shred of decency, Maduro and his failed administration have to go now and get out of the way of efforts to avert a total collapse. And Venezuela needs help before a national tragedy becomes a massive global problem.


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Photo credit: MARQUINAM (Flickr) https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/

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