Venezuela Is Now A Failed State

Venezuela’s disturbing descent into total chaos continues. There is now no doubt that Venezuela under the horrendous “leadership” of Nicholas Maduro is a failed state.

Now, as reported in the Daily Beast, Venezuela’s Supreme Court is making clear that not only is there little food, jobs, or hope left, there’s no justice either.

“Late last year, the already subservient Supreme Tribunal was re-packed with chavista judges by the lame duck National Assembly a few days before the new one took oath. The opposition had just won a supermajority in the legislative elections after a landslide vote. But now the TSJ could use its vast powers to check the parliament to reverse almost every legislative initiative pushed forward by the opposition majority.

Just now, the TSJ ruled that the parliament cannot have its own legal representation in court (to fend off challenges before the court) but that it must rely on the Attorney General appointed by the Executive. The current National Assembly is on a choke hold.”

The denial of justice is just the latest in a long line of tragedies to befall the Venezuelan people.

Despite being rich in oil, Venezuela’s economy is collapsing. With their exports almost all concentrated in the oil sector, Venezuela was completely unprepared for the fall in oil prices. Combined with massive crime rates and a completely incompetent government that couldn’t manage their way out of a paper bag, and you have the recipe for failed state.

Venezuela needs help, but any help must be used as leverage to force Maduro’s regime to restore democracy and the rule of law.

Until then, the people of Venezuela will keep suffering because of the incompetence of their leaders.


Photo credit: Carlos Diaz (photo cropped)

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