Clinton’s lead over Trump shrinks to only 3 points after FBI report

In the wake of a report by FBI Director James Comey which, while finding that Hillary Clinton did not break the law with her private email server, was highly critical of her handling of state information, Clinton’s lead over presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has shrunk to just 3 points according to a new NBC poll.

According to the poll, an overwhelming majority of respondents believe Clinton’s use of a private email server was not appropriate, including over 2/3 of her own supporters.

America is more divided on whether FBI Director James Comey should have recommended prosecution, with a majority of Clinton supporters agreeing with his decision, and a majority of Trump supporters disagreeing.

The fact that Clinton’s lead is only 3 points, despite Trump’s many controversial statements and his near total absence of a campaign structure or advertising, shows just how deeply divided, and deeply disappointed voters are.

With sky-high unfavorability ratings and a majority of voters doubting whether she is trustworthy, Clinton would be in serious trouble in a traditional election. Yet for all the questions surrounding Clinton, Trump is even more unpopular (62% unfavorable) and voters have huge (yuge?) doubts about his suitability for the office of President.

This all points to a bitterly fought, extremely negative, and very close election.


Photo credit: BU Rob13 & Gage