Assad may be on the verge of victory in Syria

Bashar al-Assad is on the verge of victory in Syria

Though news coverage of Syria has dimmed lately, the brutal civil war continues. Now, Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad is preparing to wipe out the rebels in Aleppo.

As Roy Gutman reports in the Daily Beast, the Syrian rebels are feeling abandoned:

“The Syrian people are not shocked at all with what the regime has been doing,” Anas Alabdah, the president of the Opposition Coalition, said here. “We are shocked by the international reaction — of silence.”

“It is a shame that the world in the 21st century is watching an 8,000-year-old city destroyed on the heads of its inhabitants and bombed with 200 air raids and dozens of barrel bombs daily without doing anything,” said Alabdah.

WATCH: Drone footage of civil war destruction:

Assad remains in power

Despite countless UN resolutions, cease-fires and lots of tough talk, Assad has remained in power. Unfortunately, some leaders only respond to the use of force, and Assad – along with his top supporter Vladimir Putin, have been more willing to use force than the western powers.

Syria and the west’s fear of middle east involvement

And as the interventions in Iraq and Libya have shown, removing a dictator can lead to even more violence and chaos. Wary from past foreign policy failures, the west seems unwilling to put the same effort into Syria that Russia is.

That’s why the Syrian rebels may be about to suffer a devastating defeat.

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