After failed coup in Turkey, Erdogan is more powerful than ever

The attempted coup in Turkey has ended in complete failure. Far from removing Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan from office, the coup plotters have succeeded only in strengthening his hand.

The response has come swiftly, with reports that 2,745 judges across Turkey have been removed from their posts. Erdogan will also be removing numerous military officials from power.

This is quite ironic, since much of the concern about Erdogan was his concentration of power in the judiciary and the military. Now, his dominance over both will be stronger than ever.

Considering the outcome, some are wondering whether the coup attempt was planned by Erdogan. Speaking with The Guardian, some Turks shared their doubts about how real the coup really was. “It seems like a coup, but I don’t think it was,” said Suleyman, a 37-year-old printer. “If there was a real coup, the internet should be off, the electricity should be off. So for me it was theatre.”

It may be far-fetched to think that Erdogan planned a fake coup, but regardless of the events that led to the coup attempt, the end result puts Erdogan in a much stronger position. Turkish opposition parties expressed their opposition to the coup and spoke in favor of the government, and Erdogan now has the political cover and clear pretext to purge Turkey’s government and military of whomever he choses.

As a result, democracy in Turkey will continue to wither, and power will be further concentrated in the hands of one man. Erdogan’s path to a dictatorship may be clear of obstacles, and the attempted coup could go down as one of the biggest backfires in history.