Corporatism is the enemy of progress

Something is going seriously wrong in our world. We can feel that things aren’t right. The cause is a system that has failed the vast majority of people, enriching a few at the expense of the many.

That failing system is corporatism.

Corporatism is a system that takes money and power away from individuals and communities and concentrates it in the hands of politicians, big corporations, and banks.

Corporatism is a top-down system that aims to keep people in a state of quiet desperation, with just enough money to barely pay bills, consume, and pay debt interest, while remaining in fear of falling into poverty.

Corporatism is a system that seeks subtle domination, rather than empowerment, and puts decision-making and wealth in fewer and fewer hands.

Corporatism starts as an attitude. It is the attitude that “the people,” the individuals and local communities that make up our society, cannot be trusted with too much power or wealth. Those with the corporatist attitude build a system that extracts power and wealth from you and gives it to them.

Corporatists supposedly do this in “your best interests,” to build a “better” world.

But we can see the truth: The corporatist attitude and the system it spawned is failing.

Rising income inequality, massive debt burdens, increasing instability and violence, are a direct result of the loss of power and financial freedom we have suffered at the hands of the corporatists.

We need a new attitude, which will create a new system based on empowering people from the bottom up, ensuring everyone has freedom from fear, income security, and debt-free access to the skills they need to succeed in our rapidly changing world.

A future of empowerment and security is possible, it is within our grasp. But first, we must end corporatism.