Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Book Launch: Potterheads are excited!

The Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Book is out!

Harry Potter is back, and people are getting excited! Chapters locations are open late (or early depending on your perspective), so excited Potterheads can get their hands on the book ASAP.

Interestingly, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a play, not a traditional novel. Fans don’t seem to have any misgivings though, since it’s the most pre-ordered book of the year.

The reviews for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child are good

As reported in USA Today, the new Harry Potter play is quite good: “But whatever change transpires in Cursed Child — by playwright Jack Thorne, working from an original story co-written with Rowling and the play’s director, John Tiffany — is far less essential than what has remained,” writes Elysa Gardner. “That would be the smashing storytelling and layered but accessible emotional life that always fueled Harry’s saga, whatever feats of magic accompanied them on the page or screen.”

Here’s a New York Times tweet about their review:

While the review of a play doesn’t mean the book itself will be great, there should be a connection between the two, which bodes well for the book.


Early reviews for the book are in from our friends in the UK. Here’s an excerpt of what Sam Jordison from the Guardian is saying:

“But in the greater scheme of things,those are minor complaints. The truth is I enjoyed this book. It was generally gripping, and frequently surprising. It was also just a pleasure to see the old gang back together again. And yes, that’s a mawkish early morning judgement. I’ve probably also been softened up by the excitement and fun of the launch events. But I don’t think that’s all. I also hope that The Cursed Child is actually reasonable addition to the Harry Potter universe”

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