New York Yankees Trade Carlos Beltran

The New York Yankees have traded their most prolific hitter Carlos Beltran

Beltran was traded to the Texas Rangers for Dillon Tate, the Rangers top 2015 pick and two other pitchers.

The trade signifies the Rangers desire to win now, while the Yankees may be entering a rebuilding phase.

The Yankees have also recently traded talented players Aroldis Chapman and Andrew Miller, so this season might be a seen as a write-off for team management.

Yankees struggling in American League East

The Yankees are currently fourth in the American League East with a 53-52 win-loss record. The Rangers stand have a 62-44 record, so they are gearing up for a MLB Championship run.

Fans can’t be happy about the Yankees seeming capitulation at the trade deadline. Trading away top talent, especially for future prospects, is never well-received by fans who want to win now.

Yankees losing in the short term, but get top prospect

As reported by Wallace Matthews in ESPN, the Yankees will be losing out in the short term. “In Beltran, not only the best bat in their lineup — he’s led the Yankees with a .304 batting average, 22 home runs and 64 RBIs, and an .890 OPS — but also a mature, veteran presence in their clubhouse,” writes Matthews. “Beltran might not have been much of a fielder anymore — in fact he was a liability in right field — but his influence on the young players on the Yankees’ roster was undeniable. He will be missed on several levels.”

While Tate won’t pay off now, he is seen as a pitcher with strong potential and could benefit the Yankees in the years to come.

Texas Rangers trades make the team stronger

The Texas Rangers made two big trades today. Aside from the Beltran acquisition, The Rangers got Catcher Jonathan Lucroy and Right Handed Pitcher Jeremy Jeffrees from the Milwaukee Brewers in exchange for Center Fielder Lewis Brinson and Right Handed Pitcher Luis Ortiz, as well as a player to be named later (PTBNL).

So, it’s a good time to be a Rangers fan, but Yankees fans, looks like you’re outta luck.

UPDATE: Yankees could release Alex Rodriguez

CBS Sports is reporting that the New York Yankees may be considering releasing A-Rod, who is having a rough year so far. With the Yankees moving towards a more youthful roster, getting rid of Rodriguez would fit with those plans.

Check out the read more section for more on the A-Rod rumours.

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