Destiny: Rise of Iron Expansion: What you need to know

Destiny update to include new raid, rewards, armour, weapons, and change to light cap

The newest expansion to the Bungie hit game Destiny is coming out in September. Here are the details we know so far:

  • It will be named RISE OF IRON
  • The Raid will be called WRATH OF THE MACHINE
  • As with other expansions, it will include unique rewards, new weapons, and new armour
  • There will be something new called ‘ornaments,’ which will let you customize the look of your gear
  • The light level cap will be raised to 385, from the current level of 335. It could also go past 400 once the new Raid is launched
  • It will be released SEPTEMBER 20, 2016 on both XBOX ONE and PLAYSTATION 4

Additionally, according to Game Informer:

“New rare (blue), legendary (purple), and exotic (gold) gear help players ascend through those new tiers, and the system as we observed it for item drops appears to be very similar to what has been in the game for some time now.”


When it first released, Destiny was praised for its gameplay, but heavily criticized for a lack of content and depth. With each new expansion, Bungie is adding to Destiny’s lore and building a busy, living universe for players. The Rise of Iron expansion looks like another strong addition to Destiny.

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