2016 Rio Olympics underway: Who will win the most medals?

The 2016 Rio Olympics have begun, and the competition for medals is underway

The Rio Olympics have not been without difficulty. From clearing out the Favelas (slums), to the financial troubles, and of course the threat of the Zika virus, these Olympics have been in trouble before they even began.

Current Olympic Medal Count

Aside from the problems faced by the Rio Olympics, the number one competition between countries is to see who wins the most medals. Here is how the count is looking so far:

    1. China: 3 Total Medals
    2. United States: 1 Total Medal
    3. Vietnam: 1 Total Medal
    4. Brazil: 1 Total Medal

2012 Olympic Gold Medal Count

For reference, here’s the 2012 London Summer Olympics Medal Count:

      1. United States: 46 Gold
      2. China: 38 Gold
      3. Great Britain: 29 Gold
      4. Russia: 22 Gold

As the world’s two largest economies – and thus the countries with the most resources to devote to the Olympics, the United States and China can be expected to once again dominate the medal count.

So what’s happened so far at the 2016 Rio Olympics? Here’s a quick rundown:

WATCH: Hope Solo taunted with Zika chant

After some controversial Tweets about Zika (included below), US Women’s Soccer Team Goalie Hope Solo was taunted by the Rio crowd with ‘Zika’ chants:

Here are the tweets that angered some Rio fans:

In fairness, Zika is a real threat, so who can blame Hope Solo for wanting to be prepared? In fact, Hope Solo has explained that she wants to start a family, and was understandably worried about contracting the Zika Virus, considering the effect it can have on women.

Here’s what Solo said about her tweets:

“I wish people understood that I did my due diligence before coming to Brazil. It was a decision that I had to make alongside my husband. It’s not something I just spoke about without getting educated on, it was something very serious because I do want to start a family.”

US Olympic Volleyball Team expected to do well

After winning in at the 2012 London Games, the US Women’s Volleyball Team is expected to perform well at the 2016 Olympics. Though Misty May-Treanor has retired, her teammate Kerri Walsh-Jennings is still going strong, now alongside April Ross. Another Gold medal win can be expected from the US Team.

Fans missing events due to long waits

The disorganization of the Rio Olympics is evident. Bus transportation and security line problems caused many fans to miss events on the first full day of the Olympics. Despite having years to prepare, Rio is far behind in being ready.

Hopefully they will get it together before the problems get even worse. For all their flaws, the Olympics are still a great example of peaceful competition, something the world desperately needs right now.

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