Watch the new Luke Cage Official Trailer

The official trailer for Netflix’s Luke Cage series – a spin-off from the popular Jessica Jones – is out, and it looks awesome.

WATCH: The official Luke Cage Trailer

Cage, who was first on Netflix in the popular Jessica Jones series, is getting his own show. Cage will continue to be played by Mike Colter.

Who is Luke Cage?

For those not familiar with the character, Luke Cage was born in Harlem, New York and was orginally named Carl Lucas. Originally starting off as a criminal, Cage decided to find legitimate work, but was betrayed by his friend William Stryker, who framed Cage and got him sent to prison.

Cage was then recruited as a test subject for a cell-regeneration program. When someone attempted to murder Cage by messing with the controls, the result was that Cage instead received superhuman durability and strength.

It was at this point that Carl Lucas officially became Luke Cage, serving as a hero for hire fighting crime in New York City.

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Luke Cage debuts September 30, 2016

Fans are getting excited for the upcoming Luke Cage series, as Marvel’s universe continues to expand on Netflix. Cage joins the already mentioned Jessica Jones as well as Daredevil.

Both Jessica Jones and Daredevil have received strong reviews and attracted loyal fanbases, showing the superhero phenomenon extends well beyond the big screen.

The Luke Cage series will also feature Mahershala Ali playing the villain Cottonmouth, as well as Rosario Dawson playing Night Nurse (AKA Claire Temple).

Take a look at the Luke Cage poster

Luke Cage Poster
Luke Cage Poster (Marvel)

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