R2-D2 actor Kenny Baker dead at 81

Kenny Baker, the actor who played the beloved droid R2-D2 in the Star Wars franchise, has passed away at age 81

Baker, born in Birmingham England in 1934, starred in 6 Star Wars movies as the heroic droid loved by fans the world over.

Kenny Baker
Kenny Baker: Mean Mr Mustard https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

Kenny Baker first became well known in 1977 when Star Wars was a surprise blockbuster hit. Since then, he has been the soul of R2-D2, turning the character into one of the most famous and beloved movie characters of all time.

Mark Hamill, Ewan McGregor, Dave Prowse among those paying tribute to Kenny Baker

R2-D2: A fan favorite who knew the whole story

From his plucky courage, independent attitude, and cute noises, R2-D2 was one of the most human of all Star Wars characters. Inside the R2-D2 shell, it was Baker’s talent and spirit bringing R2 to life, giving fans that deep personal and human connection with a non-human character in the story.

R2-D2 also brings the whole story together, as he was at the centre of all the prequel trilogy events, and all the original series. So was C-3P0, but he had his mind wiped, so only R2-D2 was left knowing the whole story.

Kenny Baker’s legacy will live on in the hearts of fans and the future of the Star Wars franchise

Kenny Baker’s death is a sad moment for Star Wars fans. The loss of a man who played an integral part in the Star Wars franchise over many decades will be deeply felt.

Yet, Baker’s legacy will live on in every movie, game, story, comic, and TV show featuring the amazing character he brought to life.

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