Here’s What’s Happening in Venezuela

The Venezuela economic crisis continues

It would be nice to have good news about the ongoing Venezuela crisis. Unfortunately there isn’t any. Here’s a rundown of what’s currently happening in Venezuela. SPOILER ALERT: It’s all bad.

Venezuelan Military taking control ahead of upcoming protests

As Venezuela descends further into chaos, the Maduro regime isn’t even pretending to be democratic anymore. The military has gained power as the situation has worsened, as Maduro turns to the threat of force in response to his massive unpopularity.

Here’s what Luis Alberto Buttó – Director of the Latin American Centre for Security Studies – had to say about the growing power of the Venezuelan military:

“The military is a preponderant force, politically, economically and in the corporate world, and they’re out to defend their interests. Under these circumstances, democracy is something of a myth, a symbol. It’s not real. And that’s Venezuela’s reality right now.”

Largest protest in the history of Venezuela planned

With the military’s power in mind, the fact that the opposition is planning what could be the largest protest ever in Venezuela raises an important question: How will the military respond?

The protest is being billed as “The taking of Caracas,” and is an effort to show overwhelming support for dramatic change. If the crowd lives up to expectations, and the military responds violently, it could be a disastrous situation. Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail.

Food shortages getting worse for Venezuelans

It’s tough to put the Venezuelan crisis into words, because it’s difficult to imagine how a nation with the largest oil reserves could be running out of food. But that is exactly what’s happening in Venezuela.

How bad is it? A bunch of people broke into a Venezuelan zoo, killed a horse, and ate it. According to reports, only the head and ribs were left.

That is the stuff of nightmares. The magnitude of the Maduro regime’s failure is beyond words.

The political crisis deepens

The opposition has gathered the necessary signatures to hold a recall vote on failed Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro. The Maduro-friendly electoral commission is trying to delay the recall referendum until next year, because that delay would mean Maduro’s vice-president takes over, keeping the corrupt regime in power.

The “Taking of Caracas” march is designed to show overwhelming support for a recall vote sooner rather than later, in addition to protesting the living hell Venezuela has become.

Current events in Venezuela leave little hope for the immediate future

What’s happening now in Venezuela is deeply disturbing. Not only is the human suffering immense, but the regime seems to be digging in for a war against its own people.

The Venezuelan Military must stand with the people and allow the democratic process – including a recall referendum vote this year – to go forward. And it must refuse any order to fire on its own people.

The Maduro regime has no legitimacy, and if the military lets it happen, the people of Venezuela will sweep Maduro aside.

Only then will any semblance of rationality, hope, and economic activity return to Venezuela.

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