India US Defence Pact Strengthens Ties

A new India US Defence Pact will strengthen ties between their respective militaries and intelligence agencies. It deepens what could become a powerful alliance.

It is not surprising to see the US and India making a deal. India and the United States have many similarities. Both are home to citizens of diverse backgrounds and faiths. They are large democracies. And both nations are poised to benefit from favourable demographics, while potential rivals will begin aging rapidly.

India US Defence Pact – Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement

The new pact – called LEMOA for short – will give the US and India the right to utilize each other’s military facilities. This can help with regional issues, as well as combatting terrorism. India is also looking at adding American military technology to their arsenal. Particularly some advanced jet engines and drones. This is a big deal, and one that could shake things up in the region.

India is in an awkward position. As China becomes more assertive, India must strike a balance.

Balancing maintaining good relations with its northern neighbour, and increasing their own strength. It’s a balance India needs to get right over the long run. While strengthening ties with the United States will antagonize China, the United States is still the pre-eminent military power and can provide strong strategic benefits for India.

Is the sun setting on India's neutral foreign policy?
Is the sun setting on India’s neutral foreign policy?

In keeping with India’s open political system, there has been public criticism of the pact. As reported by Indian Express, there was criticism from some in the Indian Congress. The fear is the India – US Defence Pact is a departure from India’s strategic neutrality. Some are concerned that national sovreignty was compromised.

India is poised to become a superpower

  • There are specific factors that give India a great chance at superpower status.
  • The size and growth of India’s economy.
  • Good demographics with millions of young people entering the workforce.
  • India’s cultural influence through Bollywood and Indian’s who live around the world.

These factors all make India a potential superpower. Yet, no nation can become a superpower without military strength. The recent India-US Defence Pact will help boost India’s military power.

The United States will be well positioned to benefit from stronger ties between the two countries. The benefits will be especially great if India reaches superpower status. The LEMOA is a step in that direction.