Political Lies Won’t Stop. You Must Trust Yourself

Political lies keep piling up. People are getting screwed by the rigged and broken economic system. The same small group of insiders keeps getting richer, while everyone else gets poorer.

This means almost all the promises of politicians have been nothing but lies. Every promise to restore fairness and make the system better for the majority of people – all lies.

Don’t trust politicians, trust in yourself

The old sources of power are getting weaker.

The internet and social media gives everybody a chance to get their message out.

Traditional print media is losing their monopoly on the spread of information.

Each of us has access to tons of knowledge all in our smartphone.

This means we don’t need politicians the way we once did. We can research things on our own. We can make our own choices. We can share our own thoughts and form our own groups easier than ever before.

Old ways of thinking have us trapped

But every election we put our trust in the next joker who comes by promising that they will fix it all. All they ask is that we give our power over to them. Give them more control over our lives and they’ll be the one to fix it all.

But it’s just more political lies. They fail, we get angry, we pick someone else, and the cycle starts again.

When have you ever seen a politician who gets into office and then reduces their own power? It never happens. No matter what party they’re from, all politicans seem to have the government ideology once they win. They see themselves as a genius who should direct and control your life, instead of freeing you to achieve your own potential.

We have to move beyond the old thinking of giving our power to some “wise” leader. We need to make politicians weaker so we can become stronger. Wouldn’t it be great to hear a leader actually say that for once?

More and more people are seeing past the political lies

Political lies and the continued betrayal of our trust is creating more and more anger.

Trust in politicians, big corporations, and the traditional media is collapsing.

We are waking up and realizing that we have more power than anyone ever imagined.

So-called political experts have failed miserably.

The economy is in terrible shape and one or two problems away from a massive crisis. Half of us are living paycheck to paycheck, while politicians and elites live in total financial security.

We don’t have to accept this

As we keep waking up, we need to realize our own power and our unlimited potential.

Freedom and Empowerment

There is no politician out there with the perfect plan to make it all better. You have that power.

Freedom and empowerment is what we need. Step one is realizing the power we already have:

Exploring the truth for ourselves.

Sharing the truth without the traditional media or political filter.

Making our own choices.

Trusting in our own potential and ability, instead of giving our power to a politician.

Our world can be better than anything we can imagine. To get there, we need to stop listening to political lies and you must trust in yourself.

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