Crisis: Venezuelans Eating Garbage Just To Survive

Venezuela is now a total disaster. And it keeps on getting worse. “Venezuelans Eating Garbage to Survive,” sounds like a nightmare. But it’s exactly what’s happening.

We are talking about the country with the biggest oil reserves on Earth.

Venezuela should be rich. Instead, Venezuelans are now reduced to having to eat garbage to survive. A new study shows 15% of Venezuelans are eating garbage to survive.

This is nothing less than the total breakdown of a country.

It is tragic and enraging – because it’s a totally man-made disaster. The regime of President Nicholas Maduro has completely failed.

Venezuela is collapsing because their extremist socialist government is out of money. Here are some of the ways they screwed it all up:

Price Controls

To stop prices from rising, the Maduro regime implemented price controls. They failed miserably. Store owners had to sell products for cheaper than it cost to acquire them. So they all sold out and couldn’t replace their stock. Now, you can’t find stuff on the shelves. What a shock.

Printing Money

Most governments are printing money. Venezuela takes it to a new level. The printing presses are burning out and inflation is through the roof.

This makes the price problem even worse. Price controls + Inflation = Misery.


Rather than admit any mistakes, the Maduro regime just lashes out. They attack store owners as tools of the Americans. They claim an American conspiracy is behind their problems.

The truth is Maduro and his cronies are very stupid people. Very scared, very desperate, and very stupid. They have driven their nation into the ground. Anyone who can put 1+1 together knows more about economics than Maduro’s regime.

Maduro doesn’t even have the decency to recognize his pathetic failure and step aside.

Despite massive protests calling for new elections, the regime remains defiant.

Venezuela could benefit from Anarchy

Anarchy is normally a scary concept for people. But the alternative right now is an oppressive government destroying the economy. A breakdown of the system may be necessary for Venezuela to rebuild.

Anarchy could come quickly to Venezuela. When millions of people are eating garbage to live, the nation has already failed. All that is left is for the military to either stage a coup or disintegrate. Then, what is left of the system in Venezuela will collapse.

Venezuela has amazing potential

Venezuela has dynamic and talented people and tremendous natural resources. To see them reduced to eating garbage is horrible. But their government is a total disaster. No progress will happen until Maduro and his worthless cronies are removed from office.

Venezuela needs the chance to start over.

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