Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson Injury Update – Torn Meniscus

As they deal with the Adrian Peterson Injury, the Minnesota Vikings will have to adapt.

On Sunday Night against the Green Bay Packers, Adrian Peterson tore his right meniscus. The knee injury will keep him out for an undetermined time. The injury marred an otherwise great night for the Vikings who achieved a surprise win over Green Bay.

Adrian Peterson Injury Video


It has been a tough year for the Vikings on the injury front. Star QB Teddy Bridgewater injured his knee in a preseason practice. Now, he’s gone for the year.

The Vikings responded by trading a draft pick to the Philadelphia Eagles for Sam Bradford. Bradford was once seen as the QB of the future in Philly. But he struggled and didn’t live up to expectations.

Still, Bradford has talent and potential. The Vikings will need every ounce of that as they fight on without their best player, at least for a short time.

The Vikes are built around a great defense. A good offence makes the defence better. It keeps them off the field and gives them time to rest. Though the Vikes air game isn’t great, Peterson was able to take pressure off of it.

Now, Bradford will face renewed pressure. Defences will be able to focus on him and force him to perform at a high level.

The Vikings defence will be on the field longer if Bradford isn’t up to the task. The defence will get tired and make mistakes. Of course, regardless of talent level, no defence can be on the field forever.

Vikings will be tested

The Vikings ability to win against Green Bay shows a depth of strength that can help them go far.

SNF Commentator and Hall of Fame QB Chris Collinsworth is impressed:

Is Collinsworth right? It will all depend on how the Vikings respond to Adrian Peterson’s injury.


Photo credit: Shea Huening https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/