What You Can Expect In First Presidential Debate

The first Presidential Debate Between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will focus on Security and the Economy.

The topics for the first Presidential Debate have been announced. Clinton and Trump will face-off over the economy and security. This happens at a time when both issues are high in national attention.

Here’s what you can expect:


The recent terror acts in Minnesota and New York/New Jersey will make security a huge factor in who wins. Trump and Clinton have very different approaches. Clinton focuses on her experience and fact based approach.

After all, Hillary Clinton was in the situation room with President Obama and military advisors when Osama Bin Laden was killed. Clinton also has extensive experience as Secretary of State.

Trump is weak on any sort of security experience. However, his emotion based approach has won him support from many Americans. Polls show he is more trusted to deal with terrorism.

But Trump is also less trusted to be Commander-In-Chief. Trump speaks in clear, angry, and simple statements on security. In today’s soundbite society that approach has some success.

We can expect those approaches to continue. Clinton will emphasize her experience and grasp of the facts. Trump will try to win the security argument by appealing to emotion.



Trump has released an economic plan that mostly doubles down on the Reagan era supply-side economics.

Some key points:

  • Trump promises massive tax cuts – especially for corporations and the rich. These cuts are supposed to grow the economy by increasing demand.
  • Renegotiate trade deals.
  • Punish companies that outsource.

Despite huge doubts about whether supply-side economics actually works, that is the direction Trump is going. However, he is also the most anti-trade candidate in a long time.

We can expect Trump to promise massive growth and great jobs for everybody, while fixing all the trade deals so America wins.

It won’t be too heavy on any facts, but it will have an emotional appeal to those longing for prosperity.


As with security, Hillary Clinton will focus more on facts. Her economic plan comes much closer to actually adding up than Trump’s.

Some key points:

  • Clinton will raise taxes on the rich.
  • Increase investment in infrastructure.
  • Make post-secondary education more affordable.

Clinton started off supporting free trade including the Trans-Pacific-Partnership (TPP). She has since taken a different approach, and will likely explain why.

The First Presidential Debate will be emotion vs facts

Hillary Clinton has cast herself as a pragmatic policy focused candidate. Donald Trump promotes himself as the guy who will remake America through force of will.

Trump is the most emotional candidate in some time. Clinton is almost mechanical in her campaign’s cool and analytical approach.

That contrast will continue in the debate. It will be fascinating to watch.

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