Cascade Mall Shooting Suspect Arcan Cetin Arrested

The prime suspect in the Cascade Mall shooting has been arrested. Arcan Cetin was taken into custody by authorities after a massive manhunt.

The attack took place in the women’s section of Macy’s. The attacker reportedly yelled several times and then opened fire at people in the makeup department. 4 women and 1 man were killed.

Media had originally referred to Arcan Cetin as Hispanic, but it turns out the 20 year old is originally from Turkey

There were widespread reports of the suspect being Hispanic and many will be wondering why. Those reports were made before all the facts were in and ended up being wrong.

WATCH: Video of Arcan Cetin’s arrest

Photo of Arcan Cetin

Arcan Cetin
Washington State Patrol

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Video: 5 dead in Cascade Mall Shooting

ISIS has called for attacks on shopping centres

ISIS and affiliated groups have called for Islamic extremists to carry out attacks on malls and shopping centres. At this point, Arcan Cetin’s motive is not officially known. Some are speculating that it could be an ISIS inspired attack. That has not been confirmed.

ISIS did previously take responsibility for the mall attack in Minneapolis where 9 people were stabbed. There is currently an ongoing online debate about whether Cetin is more right wing or left wing. Clearly, no political ideology wants to be associated with him.

Burlington Mayor says he will “bring the son of a bitch to justice.”

The Mayor of Burlington, a town about 60 miles from Seattle, strongly vowed to bring the killer to justice. This is a shocking event for Burlington, a town of 8,400 people. The community is now mourning the loss of 5 residents.

Speculation running wild

As often occurs, speculation is running rampant on social media. People are debating whether the media is censoring the issue for political reasons. Others say it’s more prudent to wait for all the facts to come in. Here is a sample of that ongoing debate:

This discussion is what free speech and democracy is all about. The media are no longer the sole gatekeeper of news discussions.

Here’s the best comment on the Cascade Mall Shooting:

Let’s remember that right now 5 families are grieving the loss of their loved ones. Right now, that is what matters most. There will be time to sort out everything else.