Thoughts create reality, so think big

Our thoughts create reality. Every human invention, every achievement, every wonder of the world started as a thought in someone’s mind.

That thought drove action, that action drove change, and that change drove further thoughts that expanded the possibilities even further.

This process, our ability to create our reality starting with a thought opens up amazing possibilities for our lives.

We can take a step towards a better life just by thinking about it.

That makes our imagination one of the most powerful tools we have. As children we used that tool to create a sense of boundless hope and possibility for ourselves and for others.

Yet, as we get older, the world tries to beat that attitude out of us.

Rather than thinking big and creating a life of freedom and opportunity, we start to live in fear. We are told to limit our goals and our dreams. We are told to be “realistic.” The fears and doubts of others push us to question our own belief in the possibilities of life. When that happens, we end up adopting the thinking of others instead of trusting our own judgement and potential.

That causes many people to give up on their dreams.

But some people break out of that way of thinking. They refuse to be limited in their thinking and they refuse to let others stand in the way of their dreams. They imagine a better life and then they go and create it.

This power is available to each of us in every single moment. And with the rise of the internet and an economy increasingly based on intangible things, we are seeing how thoughts can travel around the world in an instant and create new realities.

Embrace your power of imagination. Believe in your own future. Use your mind to think big and imagine unlimited success and possibility for your life. You can make it happen.

Your thoughts create reality. So think big.