Fear is the enemy of growth

A certain kind of fear is helpful. For example, we should be afraid of getting hit by a car when we walk across the street. Fear can help keep us alive.

But another kind of fear is unhealthy. It holds us back from living the life we want.

This is the fear of following our dreams. It is the fear of making a mistake or looking foolish or failing at our first try.

This fear keeps us locked into controlling and limiting systems. In return for giving up our independence we are offered security and stability.

And yet, those guarantees can never be backed up.

Life is inherently unpredictable and uncertain in many ways. We can play it safe in every way possible and things could still go wrong. And if we don’t make an effort to live our dreams, we could be miserable along the way.

If things can go wrong no matter what, why not accept that risk while fighting to achieve your dreams? There is no permanent escape from uncertainty, but we can embrace uncertainty and open our minds and hearts to our full potential.

Fear is the enemy of growth

By letting go of the fear that stops us from chasing our dreams, we can see how fear controls so many people.

Often, those who seek power use fear to gain control over people. Legitimate fear of terrorism and economic collapse is reasonable, and fear can drive us towards positive solutions.

But when taken to an extreme, fear can cause people to give up their own power to a leader. When that happens, they start to set aside their own dreams and feed into the dreams of others.

It is sad to see this happen, since each of us has tremendous potential and a unique individuality that deserves to be fully expressed. We don’t exist just to submit to others.

That is why fear – taken to the extreme – is the enemy of growth. To live the lives we want and create a world that empowers rather than exploits, we must move beyond fear.

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