Wells Fargo must be totally dismantled to send a clear message: Corruption will not be tolerated.

Mega-bank Wells Fargo acted in horribly corrupt ways. The most awful action was to open up additional accounts for customers – even though those customers never asked for them and were completely unaware the accounts were being opened at all.

Not only were the accounts secretly opened in their names, but customers were then charged fees for those accounts. This is disgusting. Even worse, this wasn’t just a few rogue employees. Over 5,000 people were implicated in this horribly corrupt practice. It had to be orchestrated at the highest levels.

Even worse, the executives who oversaw Wells Fargo and put intense sales pressure on employees – so bad that some were kept working overtime without any pay – have walked off with massive payouts. 10’s of millions have been given away to those who managed the corrupt enterprise.

We know the big banks and the politicians have been corrupt for a very long time.

That’s why the system is totally skewed against the vast majority of people. Everyone works harder but falls further behind – while a select few get absurdly rich.

It’s time for a clear message to be sent: Wells Fargo needs to be totally dismantled – ripped apart piece by piece.

The reason is very simple, the big banks got bailed out by taxpayers years ago and their leaders walked away with massive payouts. There were no punishments, no consequences for the horrible suffering they caused.

Wells Fargo’s disgusting actions show the banks haven’t learned a thing from the crisis.

A weak and soft message won’t work. A tough and clear message has to be sent.

Dismantling Wells Fargo will show there are real consequence and severe punishments for such terrible corruption.