Distract and divide: How the corporatists keep us fighting each other instead of confronting the real problem

It’s common wisdom that our society is deeply divided. Political divides are the strongest, often making us see our fellow citizens as enemies just because they vote for somebody else.

This division breaks down our sense of any strong national identity and even individual identity, and puts up walls between our own people. It feeds into a cycle of anger and even hate that causes us to seek temporary victories in order to “win power” and vanquish the “foolish people” in the other party.

Yet, despite the back and forth of politics and all the division it has stirred up, our society continues to head towards potential disaster. Massive wealth inequality, more and more people under financial stress, the loss of autonomy and independence many once felt in their jobs, and huge debt burdens are all putting us at risk of societal decline and possible disaster.

At the same time, the same small group of insiders – who I call the Corporatists – thrive no matter what happens. By dominating the mindset of government they enrich themselves at your expense, funnelling your hard work and effort into their own pockets. The rules are rigged so they win and you lose.

As I have written before, notice how bankers, politicians, and the heads of big corporations always get richer no matter what happens:

The economy grows – they get richer. The economy stagnates – they get richer. The economy collapses – they get richer.

When the economy does well they take credit, saying their “brilliance,” rather than your hard work, creates growth.

When the economy collapses, they pretend to be powerless all of a sudden, putting all the blame on you and our fellow citizens.

It’s a trick, a scam, a ruse designed to keep us from really changing the system.

The divisions created in politics keep us fighting amongst each other to change the external face of the system. We switch to a new party, get a friendlier leader with a nicer smile, and feel like all is well.

And yet the same broken structure stays in place. The corporatists keep winning while almost everyone else loses.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Thanks to advances in technology, the potential for empowering individuals, families, and local communities has never been greater. We simply don’t need a big, massive bureaucratic government the way we once did. We also don’t need a bunch of highly paid politicians giving special breaks to huge corporations who are already rich.

We are on the brink of a revolutionary moment, where the potential of technology gives each of us more power and influence than ever before. The old political divisions can be overcome, but first we must look deeper, we must be look behind the distract and divide strategy of the corporatists.

When we get caught up in thinking one political party has all the answers, and that all will be well if we just defeat the “other team,” we must ask who stands to benefit no matter what happens. We will often find that behind all the different policies is a general trend that keeps the system unchanged.

Those with the power are afraid to let go, so we can’t count on real ideas coming from the top down. 

That is why the real ideas that can unite all of us will be ideas that come from among the people, ideas that address the underlying unfairness of our society, fixing a system that has become corrupt and rigged against the vast majority of people.

At the core of that broken system is the domination mindset.

We must end that domination mindset – where a few people at the top of massive bureaucratic organizations – whether in government, the, banks corporations, or some of the media – dictate to the rest of us. We must shift to an empowerment mindset – where each individual, family, and local community is empowered to achieve their full potential, will help us to a more fair and prosperous world.

Imagine the amazing world we can create if we can see past the division and distraction that keeps us fearful and controlled. That better world is possible.