Recipe For Unrest? Half Of Republicans Think Election Will Be Rigged

A Reuters poll shows that half of Republicans think the upcoming election will be rigged.

The poll shows almost 8 out of 10 Republicans are worried about how accurate the vote count will be.

Only 50% will accept Hillary Clinton as their President if she wins.

This is a recipe for substantial unrest.

Donald Trump’s musings of a rigged election seem to be influencing his supporters. This is despite the fact that the closest thing to election rigging has been attempts in some Republican states to cut down early voting days and limit the number of polling stations to reduce minority turnout.

The efforts by Trump to talk about the election being stolen, even before the votes are counted, seems more like building an excuse for losing, rather than a real complaint.

If Trump is defeated, it could come down to Mike Pence and other Republican leaders to concede on behalf of their party. If they don’t, the post-election period could be the beginning of an even more destabilizing and divisive era.

Spencer Fernando

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