UK Government Must Respect Voters’ Brexit Decision

By voting for Brexit, the people of the United Kingdom made their voices heard.

While the 52% – 48% result was close, a clear majority voted to leave the European Union. 52% is far more than most government’s get in elections, so there is no question of legitamcy. If anyone argues that the vote was not genuine, then almost no government the UK has had is legimitate either.

Yet, with a new impediment to Brexit popping up, some people see a chance to stop the UK from leaving the EU.

Brexit Court Ruling Sparks Strong Reactions

The recent court ruling declaring that Brexit must be put before Members of Parliament is drawing a visceral reaction from across the political spectrum.

Judging by the Twitter response, the UK has been thrown into a state of uncertainty:

Some think it shouldn’t change much:

Others invoked patriotism:

Still others enjoyed a sense of irony:

And one person, clearly a Remain supporter, indulged in some gloating:

Brexit Ruling Is No Excuse For Ignoring The Decision Of The Voters

The court ruling basically states that Article 50 – the mechanism to leave the EU – cannot be invoked by the UK government without a vote of Parliament. And as shown above, some people see this ruling as an opportunity to go against the will of the people as expressed in the referendum vote.

Using the ruling as a pretext to stop Brexit would be a terrible decision, leading to massive outrage and a prolonged political crisis. It would also be an insult to the principle of democracy.

Elite’s Talk Of Reversing Brexit Is Why Brexit Won In The First Place

Remember, Brexit wasn’t supposed to happen. Almost the entire business community, the top political parties, and many celebrities opposed it. And yet it passed anyway. Many voters who felt left out of the economic and political system made their voices heard, and the result shocked the world.

It is the very attitude that the 52% who voted for Brexit can be ignored that led to Brexit happening. The disconnect between the elites and the majority of people was shown loud and clear. Those with wealth, power, and connections in elitist circles looked down on the general public, isolated themselves, and couldn’t see how many people were struggling.

Global integration looks great to those at the top, but those who are losing jobs, losing wages, and losing independence and power in their local communities are sufferring, rather than benefitting from the globalist advance.

It’s no wonder that they voted to regain more power and control over their country, and it’s no wonder that any move to ignore their decision will be met with anger.

Democracy only has meaning if leaders follow the will of the people and truly serve the people. If you hold a referendum then you must follow the decisions of that referendum.

That leaves only one option in response to the Brexit court ruling: The UK Parliament must vote to invoke Article 50, and ensure that the will of the people is brought into being.

Spencer Fernando