The Danger Of Globalism

Resistance to Globalism is rising around the world

The understanding that many leaders increasingly serve the interests of fellow political elites and massive corporations, not the citizens of their own countries, is creating growing anger.

A key problem with globalism is the lack of diversity of thought and attitude. Most leaders come from the same kind of elite institutions, filled with the same attitudes, the same ideas, and the same worldview.

Working people and the middle class are increasingly ignored, as identity politics and political correctness damage the opportunity for open debate and honest national unity.

“Nationalism,” the idea of having pride in your country and seeking to advance your country’s interests, is denigrated. Instead, we have the idea of globalism – that we are all “global citizens.”

In practice, this idea has led to a massive concentration of wealth and power, out of touch politicians, massive and unaccountable banks and corporations, and an erosion of national sovereignty.

The rights and freedoms of individuals – the foundation of any truly free and democratic society – are being eaten away by elitist globalism.

Hiding behind the rhetoric of a “global community,” our willingness to work with others is manipulated into putting our personal and national interests aside, all to empower a small, corrupt, and failing elite.

Globalism really has nothing to do with “working together.” We don’t have to sacrifice our national sovereignty or personal freedom to get along with other countries.

Globalism is really about exerting control. It’s about suppressing freedom and uniqueness, turning us into servants of those at the very top.

Using divide and conquer strategies, globalists attempt to keep people of different races, religions, and backgrounds fighting each other, alternating between political parties that are nothing but a new face on the same system.

It’s time for us to wake up to the threat of globalism, and retake our national and personal sovereignty. It’s time for us to decentralize power, give the people more say in our “democratic” system, and reverse the concentration of wealth.

If we do that, our potential is limitless.

Spencer Fernando