When Will Justin Trudeau Visit Canada?

Jet-Setting Globalism Replaces ‘Real Change’

Winnipeg, MB – Since becoming Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau has spent lots of time outside of the country he was elected to serve. In total, he’s already made 22 foreign trips.

Here’s the rundown:

2015 (Trudeau Elected in October)

  • Turkey – November 14-16
  • The Philippines – November 17-19
  • The UK – November 24-26
  • Malta – November 26-28
  • France – November 28-30


  • Switzerland – January 20-23
  • US – March 9-11
  • US – March 16-17
  • US – March 30-April 1
  • Japan – May 22-27
  • US – July 6
  • Poland – July 7
  • Ukraine – July 10-12
  • China – August 30-September 7
  • US – September 19-20
  • Israel – September 29-30
  • Belgium – October 30
  • Cuba – November 15-16
  • Argentina – November 16-18
  • Peru – November 18-20
  • Liberia – November 24-25
  • Madagascar – November 25-27

Some of these trips made sense. But others are nothing more than ripping off the already struggling taxpayers for more publicity shots.

For example, why did we pay for Trudeau to go boxing in New York City?

I’m sure he got some nice Instagram pics, but why are you as a taxpayer being forced to pay for that?

Trudeau is a rich guy – with a big fortune handed to him by his father. Shouldn’t he be paying some of these expenses?

Just like with his nannies – who he wanted the taxpayers to pay for – Canadians are being forced to pay for trips that don’t amount to anything concrete. As a millionaire politician, Trudeau should be paying for that himself.

It’s not just foreign travel – Ottawa isn’t the real Canada

When I talk about Trudeau not visiting Canada, it’s not just the huge amount of foreign travel that’s a problem.

It’s this: Ottawa isn’t the real Canada.

I’m not talking about most of the people there. Ottawa is a beautiful city.

I’m talking about the entrenched bureaucrats and political class in Ottawa. It’s a government town, accustomed to exerting power over the rest of Canada.

That concentration of power has led to an attitude of superiority in the political class. It has bred an elitism that looks down on the rest of Canada.

With broken promise after broken promise by Trudeau, that elitism is already eating away at the government and our country.

We can see that elitism in the government’s efforts to block any referendum on electoral reform. For all their empty talk, the truth is they don’t really want to hear what the people think, because they’ve already got their plans all lined up.

Now, that elitism is getting even worse because it’s being joined with the attitude of globalism.

Globalism has led us to the point where a small group of leaders from around the world exert their will and their schemes on local populations – whether we want it or not.

That’s what these foreign trips are often really about.

They’re either worthless photo-ops, or some scheme to alter the lives of our people – which usually involve taking more money out of your wallet.

What ends up happening is that the international globalist order – banks, multi-national corporations, and many politicians – imposes its will on the Canadian government in Ottawa.

Then Ottawa imposes its will on the rest of the country.

That’s why Ottawa thinks it knows best for Manitobans. It’s why they don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise.

Consider the potentially devastating carbon tax being forced upon the provinces.

Instead of respecting provinces’ freedom to decide their own environmental policies, we’re getting a top-down solution forced upon us. Provinces are being forced to enforce their own new taxes, or get one imposed from Ottawa. It could devastate our economy, make everything more expensive, and not even help the environment a bit.

But it gives Trudeau a good talking point at all the pricey international dinners he loves attending.

Plus, none of the well-connected elites he hangs out with will be personally affected by the carbon tax, so why does he care?

It’s a win for him and a loss for the rest of us.

That’s what happens when “leaders” like Trudeau avoid visiting the real Canada.

Trudeau must visit struggling Canadians

This is why people have lost so much faith in our political system: It’s not working for those it’s supposed to serve.

That’s why our leaders must get out of the globalist mindset. They need to visit the real Canada – the home of those who actually pay Canada’s bills and produce the backbone of our economy. To find it, they have to look outside of Ottawa.

They need to visit our struggling seniors.

They need to visit students being crushed by debt and a rough job market.

They need to visit some of the reserves where there isn’t even drinking water or plumbing.

They need to visit the rural towns and communities fighting to survive.

They need to visit our inner-cities where opportunity seems to be slipping away.

They need to visit the struggling, dedicated workers who keep our country alive.

That’s the real Canada.

The real Canada knows that with such abundant potential wealth and opportunity, there is no logical reason for so many Canadians to be struggling.

If they ever visited the real Canada, the Prime Minister, and all leaders, would see that too.

They would recognize that globalism is failing.

They would recognize that the labour and wealth of Canadians is being sucked away from us, stolen from the many to benefit the few.

The message to our leaders is clear: The solution to that ongoing theft is not more international trips, worthless conferences, or getting stuck in the Ottawa bubble. The solution is to visit Canada – the real Canada – and connect with the people who actually build and maintain our country.

What you can do:

Contact your M.P. – Tell them it’s time for our Prime Minister and all leaders to focus on the people they were elected to serve. Let them know that National and Local interests must come before the globalist agenda.

Spencer Fernando

This article orginally appeared on MyToba.ca – Manitoba’s homepage
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Sandra Clark

Your absolutely right….He’s sucking the life out of Canadians.