Arctic Oil & Gas Exploration Ban Could Hurt Canada’s Northern Communities

“We are concerned by the announcement and firmly believe Northerners should be involved in making decisions that affect them and their economic future, and in this instance, they weren’t.”

That’s what Bob McLeod, Premier of the Northwest Territories had to say about the arctic oil and gas exploration ban announced by the Trudeau-led government.

The ban could block any possibility of future oil and gas finds – meaning a potential loss of jobs in northern communities in desperate need of economic opportunity.

This is an example of why power needs to be decentralized. In order to look good for the global elite – fond of setting high environmental targets and crushing industries and livelihoods to attain them – are ignoring the consequences those actions have on the people on the ground.

It’s easy to bring in new regulations sitting in an office in Ottawa where the jobs come from taxes and government. But the people in the communities that need jobs and opportunities will suffer for the feel-good globalist agenda.

Of course, the big banks, big corporations, and elitist politicans will keep making their money. Meanwhile, Canada’s competitors around the world will keep trying to grow their economies while we weaken ours.

Decentralizing power, and letting more local decision making take precedence – will create a more competitive and dynamic economy. Imposing top down solutions as Trudeau keeps doing – without consulting those who will suffer – will do nothing but weaken our economy and put Canada at risk.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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It is always bad when people have to suffer due to loss of work and wages. However, we cannot in good conscience keep supporting an industry we know is bad for the earth just to keep people employed. The solution is always for our government to offer other industries incentives to open satellite branches or relocate to provide jobs for the people in the areas where unemployment is high.