Obama Says He Would Have Beaten Trump

In a year end interview with his former advisor David Axelrod, President Barack Obama says he would have beaten Donald Trump if he could have run for a third term.

It’s impossible to go back in time and see what would have happened if Obama and Trump faced off. But, there is reason to believe Obama would have done better.

Hillary Clinton got a smaller percentage of the Black and Latino vote than Obama did. Even worse for Clinton, in the key states of Michigan and Pennsylvania, Black voter turnout declined – which hurt Clinton’s chances.

Further, many counties in the rust-belt voted twice for Obama, and then switched to Trump. Despite the claim that “racism” is the main reason Trump won, it seems far more likely that both Obama and Trump were able to connect with working people in a way Clinton couldn’t.

So yes, it’s quite possible that Obama could have won. But it doesn’t really matter, since it doesn’t change the fact that Donald Trump will become President on January 20th.

Spencer Fernando