US Made Mistake By Not Blocking Israel Resolution At United Nations

Yeah, let’s attack a democracy instead of dealing with real problems

The recent vote at the UN Security Council condemning Israel over settlements should have been blocked by the United States.

As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, the US had the power to block it. They’ve normally used that power to stop resolutions condemning Israel.

Stopping resolutions against Israel in the past wasn’t the same as the US agreeing with Israel’s position. The US and Israel often take different views on the settlement issue.

But, since the UN often has turned into a forum for anti-Israel sentiment, the US has acted to stop that sentiment from being expressed at the security council level.

By letting the resolution go through, the US leaves Israel out to dry, and plays into the mounting hypocrisy at the UN.

Why is Saudi Arabia never condemned for their human rights abuses? Compare Israel and Saudi Arabia. Israel is better on human rights in every way – with no exceptions.

Instead of ganging up on Israel, how about Saudi Arabia gets hauled up in front of the UN to answer for their crimes?

That would be actual justice.

Those other democratic nations that voted for the resolution made a big mistake as well. If we keep playing the game of trying to appease those with backwards and oppressive views, while condemning a democratic country like Israel, we will do nothing but weaken our own willingness to protect the principles we claim to uphold.

And at this moment in history, that’s the last thing we can afford to do.

Spencer Fernando