More Cash-For-Access Corruption? Trudeau Team Allegedly Knew China Donor Wanted For Graft

Why does Trudeau seem more interested in listening to foreign donors than serving the Canadian People?

Even before taking office, the Justin Trudeau team was apparently aware that a donor from China was wanted on corruption allegations – yet they still took his money.

That’s according to the South China Morning Post, who say a leaked email shows Liberal Party donor Michael Ching was giving money to the Liberals while wanted for corruption – and the Trudeau Liberals knew it when they took his money.

According to the South China Morning Post, “The Liberal Party of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was tipped off in 2013 that a wealthy party benefactor was wanted by China for corruption, long before the news became public, in an email that has been leaked to the South China Morning Post by a former party executive.

The former executive said they were assured at the time that the anonymous email and its startling claims about Vancouver developer Michael Ching Mo Yeung had been “dealt with”. But the party kept quiet and continued to accept donations and support from Ching and a pro-Trudeau political organisation, Tru-Youths United Association, set up in his office.”

This revelation will only add to the growing anger and distrust towards the Trudeau government stemming from their cash-for-access fundraisers with billionaires from China.

As more and more Canadians see the Trudeau government seemingly care more about foreign mega-donors than they do about the Canadian people, questions are being asked as to where the government’s true loyalty lies.

Ignoring corruption allegations just to bank some more cash is the latest sign that “Real Change” has morphed into “More Of The Same.”

Polls show the government is losing support, as it seems the more Canadians see of what is happening behind – especially the cash-for-access schemes – the more support for the government erodes.

It’s yet another example that we simply can’t trust governments – particularly those led by out of touch elitists – with the massive power we centralize in their hands. Ottawa has become the centre of an elitist – out of touch system, more focused on appeasing the globalist agenda than serving Canadian Citizens.

It’s time to empower local communities, families, and individuals. Until we do so, the old and failing systems will keep getting more corrupt and ineffective, and anger will continue to rise.

Spencer Fernando

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Donna Dynna

Does Canada have a process for impeaching a prime minister?