Freedom Is Never Guaranteed

We can’t just assume the best and hope it turns out well

Watching events around the world – and the response of western leaders – it seems that freedom is more fragile than ever.

There is a big risk that we fall into a false equivalence, seeing the regimes of countries that mistreat their people as “just another way of doing things.”

I’m not talking about invading countries and replacing governments – that has failed miserably in Iraq and Libya. But western democracies like Canada have to recognize that we have done something right in our society.

It’s not about being perfect – no country or society is perfect. It’s about recognizing that freedom is never guaranteed, and that there are many who want to take our rights away. There are also those – even in our own country – who would sell us out for their own selfish gain.

There is no certainty that the future of the world will be a future of freedom. We have to stand up for our principles, and use all possible forms of leverage to punish regimes that oppress their people and work against our values.

Unless we are willing to be strong and stand up for what we believe, it is always possible that freedom could slip away.

Spencer Fernando