John Kerry’s Terrible Israel Speech Appeases Backwards Regimes While Condemning A Democratic Ally

Kerry condemns democratic Israel while giving a free pass to the real enemies of democracy and human rights

Apparently not realizing how soon he’ll be out of office, John Kerry delivered a speech on his “vision” for middle east peace.

Coming from a Secretary of State with a terrible record in the mid-east, it’s a bit odd that Kerry felt the need to lecture anybody – let alone Israel.

The worst part of Kerry’s speech was when he said, “Israel can be Jewish or Democratic, but it can’t be both.”

That’s a terrible thing for John Kerry to say, since it’s not only factually wrong, but the stupidity of the statement when compared to the countries surrounding Israel is breathtaking.

Let’s consider Israel’s neighbours democratic records:

  • Egypt – Military Coup (though that was better than having the Muslim Brotherhood in power)
  • Syria – Do I need to say anything here?
  • Saudi Arabia – executes LGBT people, oppresses women, suppresses all free speech and has no religious freedom.
  • Jordan – not too bad by mideast standards, but not a democracy.

If you want the right to vote, if you believe in equal rights for men and women, if you think LGBT people should be free to live their lives without government oppression – then Israel is the only country in the Middle East that represents your values.

And when it comes to religious freedom – Israel offers full freedom of worship, something that is quite rare in the Mideast.

Perhaps John Kerry forgot that Iran and Iraq, and many other countries, are officially considered “Islamic Republics.” Kerry hasn’t lectured them about being “Islamic” or “Democratic.”

No, instead he turns his fire on Israel, lecturing them about what their identity should be.

John Kerry’s Israel Speech was so brutally out of touch that it gives the impression he would rather appease ruthless regimes than stand behind a friend and ally.

The western world cannot afford to appease those with backwards ideologies. We must stand with friends like Israel, even – and especially – when it might seem controversial or unpopular.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter