Would You Like A ‘Edit Tweet’ Feature?

Twitter CEO considering user input

Twitter has had some rough times lately, with stagnating user growth and criticism over the handling of how users treat eachother dogging the company.

However, nobody can say that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey isn’t trying to right the ship.

Dorsey took to Twitter (no shock there), and asked users how Twitter could change or improve:

Dorsey’s tweet got a big response, and the ability to edit Tweets came up often:

One user responded with an idea on how it could work:

Dorsey deserves credit for listening to Twitter users.

He seems to be taking the feedback to heart, as he recently said he’s “thinking a lot about” adding tweet-editing functions, and also said “a form of edit” is needed.

I wouldn’t be surprised if an edit-tweet feature shows up pretty soon.

Spencer Fernando