China Expanding Global Propaganda Machine In 2017

Building global media empire

The government of China is expanding their propaganda efforts, expanding China Central Television, (CCTV) to have a worldwide reach.

If there was any doubt that it’s a pure propaganda exercise to push the Communist Party message, China’s President confirmed it himself:

As reported by Channel News Asia, “President Xi Jinping said in February state media must tell China’s story to the world better and become internationally influential, adding that onshore portals must follow the party line and promote “positive propaganda as the main theme”.

“Follow the party line,” and promote “Positive propaganda…”

This is very disturbing. As media struggles worldwide, a propaganda machine funded by government of China could have massive influence.

Keep in mind that the expanded China Global Television Network will not be sharing the opinions or voices of regular Chinese citizens. It will be the same dishonest propaganda and censorship that suppresses true freedom of speech and criticism of the state.

I wonder how long it will be until Trudeau gives them a taxpayer-funded subsidy?

It is now more important than ever for individual citizens to share our thoughts, challenge those in power, and speak the truth. That is the only long-term defence against the growth of state-sponsored propaganda.

Spencer Fernando