China Threatens Taiwan With “Crippling” Measures

Last week, China sent their aircraft carrier on a close pass by Taiwan, a show of force meant to intimidate the democratic island nation.

That escalation seems to be just the beginning.

Rather than respect the democratic aspirations of the Taiwanese people – who don’t want to live under the Chinese Communist Regime – the Chinese military is reportedly planning measures to stop Taiwan from declaring independence.

According to a report by Reuters, Three sources said one possibility being considered was conducting war games near the self-ruled island that China considers as a breakaway province. Another was a series of economic measures to cripple Taiwan.”

China is said to be worried by US President-Elect Trump’s support for Taiwan. Sources have said explicit American support for Taiwanese Independence would be considered a “Red-Line.”

In response to the report of the Chinese threats a spokesperson for the Taiwan Defense Ministry said, “We are fully prepared, and plan for the worst while preparing for the best.”

Combined with reports that China is building a massive global propaganda machine to push the Communist Party line, there should be no illusions that China’s current government is no friend of democracy, freedom, or human rights.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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