An Idea For Canada In 2017: Put The Canadian People First

As we begin 2017, many feel we are heading down the wrong path. Our leaders seem more interested in fulfilling a globalist agenda than helping Canadians achieve our dreams.

As our leaders impose more rules and restrictions that play well in global elite circles but make life worse here at home, the disconnect between the government and the people continues to grow.

With that in mind, here is an idea that our leaders should embrace in 2017: Put the Canadian people first.

  • Instead of catering to global elites, empower Canadians to make more money and achieve prosperity.
  • Instead of imposing a carbon tax that will hurt workers, let’s put our trust in individuals, families, and Canadian businesses to make environmentally responsible decisions.
  • Instead of just hoping for the best around the world, seek peace while strengthening our national defences in case we are plunged into unexpected conflict.
  • And instead of trying to take power away from the people, try some decentralization and treat us as the adults we are.

These ideas are an important first step towards putting the Canadian people first. Considering how much our leaders have bowed down before globalism, it will take more than these few changes, but at least it would move us towards a better path and a better future.

That would be good for Canada in 2017.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter