Mariah Carey Lip-Sync Disaster Ends 2016 On A Fitting Note

Looks like there was one last celebrity casualty before 2017

We were probably thinking we were safe with 2016 almost over, but the year seemed determined to claim one more celebrity before the clock struck 12.

Mariah Carey is still alive, but her New Years Eve performance at Times Square was Dead On Arrival.

Watch the highlights (Lowlights?) of Carey’s Lip-Sync mishap below:

Some of the Tweets about Mariah Carey’s performance were tough:

What a year it’s been.

Spencer Fernando

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Karma really is a bitch LOL This Diva really showed her true colours. Storming off stage due to her inability to make a joke of the whole situation is typical of this narcissist. Could not have happened to a nicer person, I say tongue in cheek.