ISIS Attacks Again

ISIS has taken responsibility for the terror attack on a nightclub in Istanbul that killed 39 people – including a Canadian citizen.

This follows on the growing number of attacks around the world, showing that ISIS remains a serious, and possibly even a growing threat. The attacks have grown more brutal and unpredictable, with killers in Germany and France using trucks to run over innocent people.

As reported by Reuters, “It (ISIS) described the Reina nightclub, where many foreigners as well as Turks were killed, as a gathering point for Christians celebrating their “apostate holiday”. The attack, it said, was revenge for Turkish military involvement in Syria.”

Now is not the time for the western world to just hope the problem goes away. We can’t bury our head in the sand and pretend everything is ok.

Compassion must be matched with common-sense

In dangerous times, we need to balance ourĀ  compassion with a big dose of common-sense. Political promises to bring in many refugees can seem positive in the short term, but without proper security measures those politically motivated actions can lead to a loss of lives.

And when politicians rush people into the country to fulfill politically-motivated quotas – the risk of dangerous individuals entering the country grows.

It’s a tough thing to think about, but we have to realize that the desire to help the world can sometimes lead to more suffering – if it is not matched with a focus on security as well.

Compassion must be extended in all directions, and that means the families of those lost in ISIS attacks in Germany, France, Turkey, and across the world deserve compassion too. Had there been more of a focus on security rather than trying to make international headlines, some of those lost in terror attacks might still be alive.

Map: Areas of ISIS control/influence

Map of ISIS control

While we should help refugees and do what we can to save lives, we must recognize that the world is changing and becoming more dangerous. We need to make sure that we are securing our country and protecting our right to walk in public without fear of terror attacks.

We must never give up our freedom or security.

If our desire to help everyone gets too far ahead of a focus on security and common-sense, innocent people in our country could suffer.

Spencer Fernando

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