Trudeau Tried To Hide Bahamas Vacation Details From Canadians

Elitism strikes again

Justin Trudeau is very rich, having inherited a lot of money and a position of influence from his father.

It has recently emerged that Trudeau (AKA the PMO if we’re using political-speech) tried to hide details of his trip to the Bahamas over Boxing Day

If he paid for the trip fully on his own dime, I wouldn’t see a problem.

But, it turns out that taxpayers pay some of the costs, which amount to $64,000 for RCMP protection and $48,000 to keep the PM’s plane on standby.

Aside from the question of whether a PM should really be vacationing overseas rather than supporting Canada’s tourist economy, it’s also concerning that Canadians only learned about this trip through the gossip website TMZ.

On its own this one story isn’t a huge deal. But when added up with his meetings with foreign bankers, his shady fundraisers with Chinese Billionaires, and his massive amount of foreign travel on the taxpayer’s dime, a picture is emerging of an elitist Prime Minister, who feels accountable to nobody but his fellow global elite.

Canada deserves better.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter