Anti “Fake News” Crusade Is About Suppressing Free Speech

There’s tremendous wailing and gnashing of teeth surrounding the supposed rise of “Fake News.”

It’s odd when you think about it. We’re expected to believe that all of a sudden false information is a huge problem – somehow worse than it ever was before?

Why is it that the rise in fear of “Fake News” seems to be happening just as the establishment media collapses?


I think not.

The weaker the establishment media gets, the more they will cry and wail about “Fake News.”

With more and more people empowered to share their views freely, and to report on events in real-time, the establishment media is losing power and influence.

Rather than address the reason people have lost trust in them, the establishment media instead lashes out and tries to suppress free expression. They want to cast doubt on anything that doesn’t come out of their mouths.

There will always be liars when speech is free – but it’s worse when speech is censored

There has always been people who lie. That’s true for all of human history, and it will be true going forward. Some people lie. Nothing can be done about it.

But when speech is widely distributed, when everyone is free to share their thoughts, lies will be challenged and debated.

When speech is suppressed, lies will go unchallenged, and even concentrated in the highest levels of power.

In fact, that’s why the traditional media is losing so much trust and collapsing in readership. The establishment media has lied to so many people for so long that they simply don’t have any credibility.

Consider these two headlines from the establishment Washington Post – supposedly a respected paper. The first is their story on “Russia hacking” the US electric grid. The second, is the true story.

Fake News - Washington Post

Now that’s fake news.

It’s becoming clear that the attack on “Fake News” is the last, desperate gasp of the collapsing establishment. They rage at the increasing power of individuals to share their own thoughts and define their own stories. The establishment doesn’t know how to handle the fact that people are actually questioning them about their lies and attempt to distort the truth.

We must not give in to the “Fake News” propaganda campaign. It is meant to silence free speech and diverse opinions, at precisely the time when we need to decentralize sources of information and empower more people to speak and write and create.

“Fake News” is a fake scandal. Once we realize that, we can move onward to find the truth.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter