Canada’s Top CEOs Make Nearly 200 Times More Than Average Worker

Globalism is working great for those at the top. Everyone else, not so much

It’s no secret that our economy isn’t working for most Canadian workers. The declining middle-class, rising taxes and fees, and the rising cost of goods as our dollar falls are all putting increased pressure on Canadians.

However, it seems the system is working very well for a few people. I call this group the globalists, the alliance of certain politicians, international bankers, and the heads of massive corporations. They’re more loyal to their fellow elite around the world than they are to their own country or people. And by rigging the game in their favour, they’re doing just fine in our economy.

How bad has it gotten? It was recently announced that Canada’s top CEO’s now make 193 times the average workers salary.

The 100 most wealthy CEO’s in our country made an average of $9.5 million in the year 2015. Compare that to the $49,510 the average worker made in that year.

This means that the richest CEO’s make the average workers salary in just one day – before lunchtime.

Plus, the richest CEOs got a 7% raise year-over-year, at the same time most people are facing stagnant, or even falling real-wages.

What is Canada getting for this money?

  • Our economy is nearly stagnant.
  • The middle class is getting crushed.
  • Taxpayers are being gouged at every turn.
  • Canada is falling behind our competitors.

This massive CEO does not seem related to performance, since Canada’s economy is not performing well.

In fact, a recent study shows that higher CEO pay doesn’t boost performance.

However, the huge salary disparity makes sense when you consider that we have a corrupt system that rewards those with government connections and suck up to the power-structure, rather than reward free and open competition and merit.

Currently, it seems we reward those who sell out their own country for a quick buck, rather than those who seek the best interests of Canadian workers and consumers.

I don’t think any politician should be telling businesses what they can pay people, and of course, there are great CEOs and business leaders in Canada.

But they are more often found in the smaller business that have built themselves up through hard-work and innovation, rather than using a position of power to lobby government, kill competition, and rig the system.

The massive and growing disparity between Canadian workers and the elitist CEO class is yet a further sign of the broken globalist system that enriches a few at the expense of the many.

If Canada is to survive and thrive in the coming years, we must ensure all workers are prospering in our economy, not just a few at the top.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter