One Set Of Rules For Canada’s Elites, Another For The Rest Of Us

Justin Trudeau’s Bahamas vacation – partially funded by Canadian taxpayers – was something he wanted to hide from the people he is supposed to serve.

Why is that?

Why would he want to hide it?

I suspect that he – or his advisors – are seeing the rising anger across the country towards the absurd double-standards we are expected to accept.

The elites – Trudeau included – travel around the world to global conferences, burning up tons of Jet fuel. They ride in massive motorcades – using tons of gasoline. And they live in huge homes – using tons of energy.

And yet – blind to their own hypocrisy – they lecture the rest of us trying to make ends meet about our “emissions” and “energy usage.”

Then, they go beyond lecturing and impose new taxes and fees – worst of all the upcoming “carbon tax,” that will rip money right out of our pocket and put it in the hands of the elites.

It’s a scam folks.

The elites don’t feel the pain of higher taxes. They impose it on the rest of us.

There’s one set of rules for them, and another for everyone else.

But more and more people are waking up, and the hypocrisy is being exposed as never before.

The more we wake up, the sooner we can end the double-standard and put the people back in control.

Spencer Fernando