Canada Needs To Start Taking Our National Defence Seriously

At the height of World War II, Canada was churning out 4,000 aircraft per year.


It could take us until 2032 to replace the aging CF-18s.

We can’t even buy 50 planes in a decade.


Not only is it embarrassing, but it puts our brave pilots at risk. They deserve the best, not aging and declining equipment.

There’s only one reason for it to take this long: Nobody in power takes it seriously. And here, blame has to be cast not just on Trudeau, but also on the previous Harper government.

Harper talked a big game, but he failed to properly build up our military, even cutting military funding towards the end of his term.

Harper failed to replace our fighters or adequately build up our defences, just as Trudeau is failing now.

This points to the fact that there is an elite consensus to keep Canada weak and undefended – while hiding behind our image as “peacekeepers.”

This elite consensus ignores the fact that in World War II we built a massive military machine and played a big role in defeating the Nazi regime.

In our increasingly dangerous and unstable world, and considering Canada has abundant natural resources and land that is coveted by other countries – we need a much larger and more powerful military.

Canada is not safe or immune from the dangers of our world. If we don’t build up our defences we may find out the hard way that – just because we are peaceful – it doesn’t mean other countries will be. We could risk losing everything we have.

That’s why it’s long past time we start taking our National Defences seriously.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter