Chaos In Mexico As Government Hikes Gas Prices

A warning to leaders around the world

The ambitions of elitist politicians and the struggles of everyday people are on a collision course.

Across the globe, we see rising instability and anger as the promises of governments and leaders are revealed to be empty.

Our dreams of a bright and prosperous future are being held back by politicians who see us as nothing but pawns in their global game – a contest between elites around the world.

The people of Mexico are the latest victims of this cruel agenda

Mexico Gas Prices Chaos - Gasolinazo - Gas Station - Globalist Scheme

On January 1st, the Mexican government hiked gas prices by 20%.

Predictably, chaos ensued.

Protests and looting have broken out, with 2 dead and 600 arrested already, and violence and unrest spreading.

Gas stations, grocery stores, and shops are being looted across the country.

In the city of Veracruz alone, 50 stores were looted.

Highways, ports, and terminals are being blockaded.

In an act of supreme irony, the Mexican government said massive price hike was to “eliminate a subsidy that benefitted the rich.”

It’s the height of incompetence for the Mexican government to not realize that the wealthy will not suffer from the gas hike nearly as much as middle class and low income people.

After the increase, the price for a gallon of gas in Mexico is now equivalent to a whole day’s minimum wage salary – 80 pesos (around $5 CAD)

What’s really going on behind the scenes?

Mexico Gas Prices Chaos - Gasolinazo

What’s happening in Mexico is very similar to what we see around the world, including the introduction of a carbon tax in Canada and rising energy rates in Ontario and countless provinces: Leaders are purposefully making energy more expensive.

This amounts to a tax on each and every citizen, a tax that slows down economic growth, reduces wages, and makes people poorer. It’s a theft of our money, draining our prosperity and opportunity, consigning us to a future of diminshed hopes and dampened expectations.

All the while, the elites, whether the Mexican President, the Canadian Prime Minister, or any of the global elite – never feel the consequences of the policies they impose on others.

Never before have ordinary citizens been ignored to the degree we see today. We’re seen by our leaders as just cogs in the government machine, good for nothing but paying taxes so the state can have power over us and tell us what to do.

But I have a sense that things are changing. It may not be fully showing up on the surface, but there is a growing awareness that we don’t have to accept the restricitive and corrupt systems that hold us back.

Since any system depends on the mental agreement of those within the system, the declining confidence in the status quo is the first step towards the dam breaking, and a brighter future opening up ahead of us.

Spencer Fernando

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