Canada’s Veterans Deserve Better

We must take care of those who defended Canada

A recent release of government documents has revealed that Veterans Affairs is failing to provide Canadian Veterans with the support they need, leaving many in limbo for months.

As reported by Lee Berthiaume in the Canadian Press, “The revelation comes amid shock over the shooting deaths of four people in Nova Scotia this week, one of them the apparent suicide of a veteran from Canada’s war in Afghanistan.”

It’s a tragic story:

Corporal Lionel Desmond was found dead at his home in Nova Scotia. His wife, their 10-year-old daughter, and his mother were also found dead at the scene.

Desmond had been seeking PTSD treatment ever since leaving the military in mid 2015 – but did not receive any treatment from Veterans Affairs.

That should never have happened, but it seems it is all too common when our veterans seek help:

In fact, documents show 48% of disability benefit applications made to Veterans Affairs took longer than 16 weeks.

That’s absurd and unacceptable.

When the government wants tax revenue they move with lightning speed – when it comes to helping Veterans – not so fast

It’s amazing how fast the government moves when they want money, or when they want a big photo-op to get international attention.

And yet, it seems year after year, government after government continues to fail our veterans, treating them as an afterthought.

Of anyone in this country, surely our veterans deserve the best. They put their lives on the line, risk their physical and mental health, endured time away from their family, and in some cases made the ultimate sacrifice, all so that we can live in safety and freedom.

How can our government justify moving so slowly to help those who have given us so much?

As I wrote yesterday, our politicians don’t take Canada’s national defence seriously. But even if you don’t agree with more military spending, surely every Canadian can agree that our veterans deserve the best of the best when it comes to physical and mental health treatment.

No matter the cost, we must take care of our Canadian Veterans

There is no expense too high to give our veterans the healthcare and support they need. Every single Canadian Veteran should get the care they need when they need it.

If it costs billions, then we should pay it.

After all, our current government is spending tens of billions more every year – certainly some of that can be used to fix the problems at Veterans Affairs.

There is no doubt that our veterans are not getting the help they need. After all they’ve given us, we need to give back.

Canada’s veterans deserve better.

Canada’s veterans deserve the best.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter